Supporting Local Farmers

With schools and restaurants closed due to COVID-19, our local farmers are left with a surplus of produce and need your support. If your business or institution is interested in procuring from local farms during this time, please contact the below farmers for your produce needs. If you are a farmer who would like to be added to this list, please contact Dane Petersen,

Farm Location First Name Last Name Email Phone Number Crop/Volume Delivery
Hass Heights Growers, Inc. Fallbrook Dan Coxe 714-308-9848 Avocados (250,000lbs), Coffee available in 2021 Yes!
High Ranch Farm Lakeside Brian Ciuchta 619-252-6089 Pea Shoots (Volume will vary) Yes!
Mountain Meadow Mushroom Farms Escondido Roberto Ramirez 760-749-1201 White (2,000lbs), Oyster (500lbs), Shiitake (500lbs), Portabello (2,000lbs), Crimini (1,000lbs) Yes!
R&L Farms Ramona Israel Cervantes 619-800-4375 Naval Oranges, Gold-Nugget Mandarins, Avocados. All large in volume Yes!
Pixca LLC San Ysidro Leonard Vargas Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Summer Squash available in May N/A
San Gabriel Ranch Valley Center Nick Stridesberg 760-521-7600

Tangelos (200,000lbs), Navals (20,000lbs), Mandarins (20,000lbs), Cara Cara (10,000lbs),  Lemons (100,000lbs)

Solutions Farm Vista Forrest Folen 650-771-5149

Salanova Spring Mix Lettuce (400+lbs/week) Genoovese Basil (25lbs/week)

Stehly Farms Organics Valley Center Noel Stehly 760-801-4902

Citrus (2 – 300 cases/week): Tangerines, Naval Oranges, Blood Oranges, Peewee Avocados available in May. Smaller quantities: Vegetables, Berries

Sundial Farm Vista Endeavour Shen 760-707-4312 Butter Lettuce (600+lbs) Yes!
Rainbow Elaine Lasater 951-505-7039 Naval Oranges (1,000lbs) Yes, but within close proximity to farm.
Fallbrook Jim Davis 760-861-9742 Golden Nugget, Encore Tangerines, Encore Tangelos (200-300lbs each) Yes!