San Diego County Farmer Resources

SDC Food Hubs Needs Assessment Report
The San Diego County Food Hub Needs Assessment project assessed the preliminary feasibility of the development of a food hub in San Diego County via a two-part needs assessment. The project’s overarching aim was to determine whether a food hub can support better community access to healthy food while improving the economic viability of local farmers.

2017-2018 San Diego County Crop Availability Report
The Crop Availability Chart is a resource that helps connect institutional food buyers such as school, hospitals, and others with more healthy, fresh, local food options. This chart presents an easy-to-understand visual showing the projected availability of local foods by crop and by month over the next year.

2015-2016 San Diego County Grower Engagement Research Brief & Crop Availability Report
Every year, the Farm to Institution Center conducts grower outreach to project the availability of fresh, local, produce and then works to connect local growers to produce distributors and institutional buyers. One result of this outreach is the San Diego County Crop Availability Chart, which is designed to facilitate direct purchases from local farms by schools, hospitals, and other institutional buyers.

San Diego County New and Young Farmers Needs Assessment 
In the summer of 2015, San Diego Food Systems Alliance, Leichtag Foundation, San Diego County Farm Bureau, and others collaboratively designed a survey to assess the needs of new and young farmers in the region. The survey used was the first effort of its kind to deeply analyze the needs of new and young farmers in San Diego County.

Partner Report: UCCE Growers Needs Assessment for Sustainable Food Production
This report provides results and background information of the Grower Needs Assessment for Sustainable Food Production in San Diego, a project conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) with funding support from the County of San Diego Land Use and Environment Group.