F2S 3-Year Visioning Plan

The Farm to Institution Center offers assistance to school districts located in San Diego County that are seeking technical assistance in the development of a 3-year farm to school plan. The type and amount of technical assistance provided will depend on districts needs as well as F2I Center staff’s time and capacity.

The type of technical assistance that could provided by the F2I Center staff in the development of a 3-year farm-to-school plan include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance developing a definition of what constitutes “local” or “regional” food for your district.
  • Building support for farm-to-school into your district’s produce bid, contract language, and procurement practices.
  • Ensuring alignment between your local/regional procurement and F2S educational programming.
  • Facilitating conversations within your district between parties critical to F2S success (i.e. food service staff, administrators, teachers, partners, students, etc.) or facilitate conversations between the district and other key F2S partners such as produce distributors, local farmers, other districts, etc.
  • Coordinating and/or delivering relevant trainings for staff involved in F2S activities.
  • Supporting implementation of programs such as Harvest of the Month and CA Thursdays.
  • Developing tracking and evaluation systems that will demonstrate the impact of your F2S activities.
  • Implementing existing tolls and strategies (i.e. resources from the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, USDA, etc.) to ensure your students make the healthy choice.

In the past we have worked with Encinitas Union School District and Vista Unified School District.

Click here to view the full Farm to School Plan from Vista Unified School District

We are currently working with Sweetwater Union High School District and Oceanside Unified to develop their 3-Year Farm to School Plan.